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Lisa Wroblewski

Angel of Peace

Self taught mixed media artist,

creative entrepreneur and owner 

of Cecil & Co. based in Texas.

Looking back, I have been creating ever since I was very young and still do every day…

While setting up for an art show (back in the 80’s), I discovered a hand sculpted OOAK Art doll for the first time, totally amazed that this piece was created from a block of clay! Intrigued, I set off to try this new art form. Immediately I fell in love with the process...this was truly different...this was something really special...I had never felt this passionate about creating before!

Fast forward to today, after all these years and many successful creative businesses (which took me away from this creative process), the longing for sculpting was still there...it was time to get back to it...this that keeps tugging at my heart! My passion for sculpting connects with me as an artist more than anything I have ever created prior. I look forward to seeing my clay come to life once again!

Currently new creations are still in process and I’ve promised myself to devote the time and fervour to improving my art. All of my pieces are one of a kind, hand sculpted in polymer clay made with Cernit and Prosculpt. New pieces will be available 2016.

My only hope is that you see the passion put into each piece and will love them as much as I do!

Website: cecilandco.com

Email: cecilandcousa@yahoo.com


Father Frost

White Witch

2016 DOLLS Diamond Award of Excellence Industry Choice Award for "Father Frost"
2016 PDMAG Gold Award for "Father Frost"
2016 PDMAG Gold Award for "Embrace" Cherub

2016 PDMAG Winter Holiday, 2nd Place Advanced for "White Witch"

Pretty Toys Magazine March-April 2016 (pages 86-91)