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Paris 25" all cloth lady doll

New works 

Samantha Smoker Rockabilly

Lady 25" all cloth doll

Bernadette French Court Lady 27"

I began making OOAK Art dolls about three years ago. I love working with fabric and I wanted to create an articulated doll that could pose naturally and reflect its owners changing moods. Loving fashion has helped me create the mood and era of my dolls while designing beyond the boundaries has helped open up new ways to create the details and accessories. I try to create a OOAK Art doll that embodies a vintage and timeless style. The 70’s and 80’s were an inspirational time for me and I try to reflect and interject some of the distinct touches into my designs.

Prince Charming 25" all cloth doll

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Jack Johnston

Dusty Rose 25" all cloth doll

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Delta 25" all cloth lady doll 

In the Press.

Norma Jean 25" all cloth art doll

Gayle Wray Dolls Summer 2015:

The Doll Artist:

Some of my new dolls spring 2015:


Gayle Wray

Hilda Uniformed Smoker 25" all cloth art doll.


Gayle Wray

Ruby Smoker for Cindy 25" all cloth doll

Kit Harrington  35" all cloth Art Doll

Louise Brooks  25" all cloth

Autumn and Summer 25" all cloth art dolls

Talulla 25" all cloth doll

Katya 25" all cloth lady doll


Museum exhibit: 
Autumn & Summer dolls on display at the Ontario, California Museum of History & Art's Cloth Dolls Tell Their Story exhibition. The theme of this exhibit: "Remembrance, Heritage and Celebration” December 3rd, 2015 - February 7th, 2016

Pretty Toy Magazine-3-29-2015
AforArtistic Magazine FALL 2015