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Patricia Davis
Linda Ehrenfried
Tami Eveslage
Esther Manso   
Roxanna Maria 
​Peggy McChesney
Tina Parsons
Michelle Pulaski 
Natalie Ruiz 
Noemi Smith 
Linda Ellen Brown-Trinckes
Debbie Rowell Weimert 
Melinda Wood 
Lisa Wroblewski 
Base and hair by:  Colleen Spies
Travel box by: Belenda Slate

The Winner of the Traveling Santa was:

Valerie Greensburg 

of Ojal, California.
Congrats to you Valerie


Santa's brocade coat is trimmed in carmel colored mink, and is hand beaded in pastel tones, around all its borders. His creamy cotton shirt features buttons up the front, His pants are a sandy corderoy also trimmed in mink. His belt buckle is engraved with the phrase"Choose Joy." His linen Santa vest has tiny inset pockets, one with a velvet pocket square, and the other holding his mystical compass on a chain.

The creation of this doll was a collaborative project that included the skills and generosity of 19 of our PDMAG members.The project was organized by PDMAG Vice President - Linda Ehrenfried who organized the artists who would make all of the pieces of the Doll. Linda sculpted the Santa head and fabricated the body marrying the hands that were sculpted by Jack Johnston and the boots that were sculpted by Cherie Fretto onto the armature designed specifically for this doll by Linda. Instead of the traditional body stocking Linda then made the cutest Pajamas for him.  Linda shipped him in his one piece butt flap jamies to Gayle Wray in Florida who created his fabulous Victorian inspired Santa suit and hat. When he came back from Gayle's studio Linda used the curly locks that Colleen Spies contributed to apply his beard, mustache, hair, and eye brows.  Colleen also donated the lovely Wooden base. This entire unit will travel in a lovely wooden box provided by Rick and Belenda Slate.  Each of the toys has traveled from all around the United States to Linda's Maryland studio from each artists home state to be added to this project. Once all the toys arrived the photo session began and now the Raffle begins.

 This one of a kind Santa is 19" tall. The base adds an additional inch of height. The base is 11" x 14".  

Thanks to the collaboration of Linda, Cherie, Jack and Gayle this Santa is quite charming. The project however would not be complete without the hard work of a whole lot of additional talented PDMAG artists who hand made and contributed all of these fabulous toys.

The toys are all meticulously handmade

by the following members: 


First Annual PDMAG

Traveling Doll
"Victorian Santa with toys"

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