Siberian Shaman - TAIGA

Witch    -  DIANDRA

Blackfoot Indian  -  LITTLE OWL

HELGA PIKAL - Born and grew up in former Czechoslovakia, later moved to Germany age 14. Now living in the West of Ireland for the last 28 years. From early childhood strong interest in FOLKLORE, , ETHNOLOGY, MYTHS and LEGENDS, ART and CRAFT of foreign cultures. Worked many years making authentic replicas of AMERICAN INDIAN artifacts and restoration work for collectors and museums. (Member of a reenactment group in Munich...)(Bead work, Quill work, Rawhide painting, Weaving, Wood carving etc.) After moving to Ireland, developed her skills in making ART DOLLS - WITCHES, FAIRIES, CHARACTERS FROM MYTHS AND LEGENDS, ETHNIC DOLLS etc. 1st exhibition in the "Joe Geoghegan Gallery" GALWAY about 25 years ago. Many exhibitions followed, dolls sold worldwide.

Witch    -    SENTA


 Witch     -   ARADIA

Afghan Girl    -  SHARBAT 

Witch      -    RAGNA

he Professional Doll Makers Art Guild

Witch    -  Renata

Character and Fantasy Dolls
Helga Pikal

Witch    -   TAMARA  (Detail shot)

Nature Spirit     -   GREEN LADY

Russian Girl   -  ANASTASIA 

Witch     -   TAMARA

Witch    -  GANNERIS

SAMIRA / Afghan girl