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Fantasy I started my art endeavors in 1982,

focusing primarily on animal portraits and

fantasy illustration works in both graphite

and colored pencil. My love of animals and

the fantasy genre has more recently evolved into a near obsession with the possibilities of 3D art creations. When I first jumped into this new adventure, I wasn't sure if my 2D process would translate into an ability to bring to life what I saw in my minds eye as easily as on paper. Could I capture my idea and make a form that I could  handle and hold? I was delighted to learn that indeed, my fanciful creatures were more than willing to be brought forth this way. I imagine that it will be a long time before I tire of this wonderful way to express my inner vision.  Tuition award to the Academy of Art College in San Francisco in 1986 My goals as an artist is to continue to learn, improve, and share my passion for this art form. 

Felt Fantasy sculpture

Margret-Ann Miller