he Professional Doll Makers Art Guild

 I know I still have a long way to go and this group will continue to inspire me.  In addition, I will always be thankful for Lauren’s feedback and encouragement.  Her positive attitude, gracious comments and high energy will be with me as I create new dolls adding just a little more sweetness.  Contact  Email: pmcchesney@ameritech.net.

For me, the hardest part of sculpting is knowing when to quit.  Sometimes I quit too soon and the doll is not really complete, other times I’ve tweaked until I’ve ruined what I envisioned.  It all takes practice, practice, practice yet I think having this group and the apprentice program has provided me with the information and feedback necessary to help me improve those skills.
How has it helped?  First, just looking at all the posts of so many super talented individuals has provided me with the inspiration to improve. I often look at them with amazement and can only hope someday I can be close to as good.   For now, I use their photo’s to identify what I need to do better on my next doll,  no copying,  just inspiration.  Add to that the access to so many tutorials and individual’s comments on how they create.  They have helped me refine my sculpting style using new techniques, tools, and products.   Now add into the mix my wonderful mentor Lauren Jaimes. I cannot explain how much it means to have someone look at your doll before it is cured and give feedback on changes you could make to improve.  And I should highlight “could” is the operative word.  Lauren is so supportive of my own artistic vision, making suggestions yet letting me know it is my choice.  In the end she really helped me take my tweaks a little further with confidence without destroying the intended vision. 


Let them eat Cake, Winner PDMAG Funny Baby Contest 2016

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