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Membership is open to all worthy artists. To become a member, you need to submit pictures of at least three original dolls created by you with a minimum of one photo of each doll. The photos you send of each doll will be used for the critique process, so we recommend photos that show the best details of each doll. 

Membership in the guild is $59.95 yearly (includes webpage set up and one time critique along with many other perks of membership) 

Membership is renewable each year on August 1. Membership benefits include discounts on industry magazines, potential attendance at conventions, workshops and seminars. You will have the opportunity to join and communicate with some of the top doll making artists in the world. This organization is proud of its members and the contributions they make to help the doll-making industry and its beginning artists.  We do a lot of our communicating with members via facebook. So please be sure to add the URL of your facebook page so we can friend request you.  

If you would like to join The Professional Doll Makers' Art Guild:

1)   Fill out the form below - submit 3 photos - to receive your approval.

2)   Upon approval click the form button below to start the process

3)   Click the Submit Photo button to submit your pictures and biography.

The First year Apprenticeship yearly membership is $99.00. 
APPRENTICE APPLICANTS WHO WANT A one on one MENTOR: As of 12/12/16 If you would like to join the PDMAG Academy as an apprentice member there will not be an initial critique needed before joining.  However our mentors will evaluate your level and placement. 
CLICK HERE  to go to the apprentice sign up. The increased fee is part of our drive to add new mentors. The additional charge helps to pay for all of the active one on one mentors membership fees, awards for our challenges and other expenses related to the academies. 

Returning Apprentices who are advanced enough to no longer need a one on one mentor but would like to stay in the academy another year and continue to have access to the mentors in the group will pay $59.95 same as the other members.  Upon graduation your will get your personal profile page added to the main sites menu.  

New apprentice member applications are being accepted.  
We now have a Junior sculptors academy which is a multi week program working in our newest group to get newbies up to speed on Polymer clay, armatures, basic anatomy, what supplies you need and then concentrated practice on sculpting your first faces.