Baby Dolls




I first discovered polymer clay over 20 years ago as a young

teenager. I began sculpting Santa's and Angel's. I'd walk to the flea market in town to sell them on Sundays. By 21, I had my own website selling babies and mermaids. But I was at the age to start a family and became a mother of two, and later to be a step mother of two more, and didn't stop there and had one more! LOL My kiddos are my life. They are the greatest gifts. So my sculpting career had been put on the back burner, only dabbling in the art here and there throughout the years. Now that my children are older, I am finally at a point in my life where I am able to dedicate myself to another of my greatest loves... sculpting babies. It is one of the most fantastic feelings to work on a doll, to bring a block of clay to life and bring joy to those who collect them. I've recently ventured into molding and casting my sculpts into silicone and I am MADLY IN LOVE with this art form. It is something I plan to pour my love and dedication into learning how to be the best I can at it. I've also met such wonderful friends in the doll community. I'm often bursting at the seams with how blessed I feel to be a part of this industry. I absolutely love people and helping others. This is my dream. It always has been. :)

Steam Punk Fairy, Rori,  2nd Place, Intermediate Category.

he Professional Doll Makers Art Guild