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2018 PDMAG Gold Award Contest


These our award videos that show all of the entries and winners from 2017 and 2016,

Once you make your payment an email will come to you with the form to fill out for each of your entries. Please fill out one form for each entry and email it back.

Be sure to read all the rules before entering.


This is a “Best doll of the year” contest.

* Winners receive a gorgeous crystal award

* Awards Will be announced at the Quinlan Show

* Winners will be featured in a PDMAG awards video

* Winners will also be featured in special addition of International Doll Artists Magazine.

Only MEMBERS of The Professional Doll Makers Art Guild with their membership paid and in good standing can enter the contest.


• The doll itself must be completely original workmanship by the artist with the exception of 
purchased eyes, eyelashes and wigs. All items used on the doll or in the display that are 
made by another artist other than the artist submitting must be included in the description, and that artist must be given credit in the description also. These items would include clothing, wigs, wings, accessories etc.

• No molds can be used in the creation of any OOAK art doll. LTD Edition Artists dolls 
produced for you or by you from your original hand sculpted doll are allowed but must be completed by you.
• No entries will be accepted after the deadline date. The deadline date and time are USA Eastern time.

Dolls entered must have been created during the calendar years of 2017 and 2018 to qualify during the last 12 months between the last Gold contest and this one without having been entered in the previous Gold contest.


NOTE: Awards are based on a minimum of 5 contest entries per Skill level per Category. If that number of entries is not reached levels may be combined at the judge's discretion. All Judges decisions are final. There is no specific theme for this contest. The categories are for judging purposes only. We want you to be as creative as you like without us limiting your creativity.

Categories :

We allow only four (4) entries per Guild MEMBER per contest.

These categories are for Professional and Advanced Level members. the 4 main categories will have 3 winners per level per category so 
3 Prof. and 3 adv. for each plus 3 each for the later unless otherwise noted for a total of 33 awards for Professional and Advanced. There must be at least 5 entries per level per category or the awards will be reassigned to other levels. 

Polymer clay sculpts - Adult Fantasy (Fictional none human, Fairies, mermaids, etc) 
Polymer clay sculpts - Adult Character (any adult character that is a human figure)
Polymer clay Ooak Child and Baby (Full sculpted or cloth body)
Polymer clay Ooak mini baby (full body sculpted baby 6 inches and under)
Paper clay -
3 awards total
Cloth and Fiber -
3 awards total
Artist Ltd Ed –
(cast from your original sculpt - includes all doll types) -
3 awards total


The following categories are participation based We must have at least 10 entries in these levels to chose a winner 3 winners.  As our membership is so diverse we have decided to get flexible in how we structure the categories. There will 3 awards first, second, and third. We must have a minimum of 5 entries per category.

Intermediate – All intermediate in one category -
3 awards total

Novice – All Novices in one category -
3 awards total

Enter your best piece of the YEAR (2017 / 2018)

NOTE: The Judges reserve the right to move an entry to a different level if they feel the artist is at a different level then they noted on their entry form. Last years entries were heavily saturated in certain levels so we adjusted the level and categories accordingly. This may change if entries come in different.

Total 39 category awards and then 3 presidents Choice awards for a total of 42 awards.


New artists must enter at the Novice Level. 
Once an artist wins first place at the Novice level, They will be required to enter future challenges at the Intermediate Level. They may remain in the Intermediate Level until they feel comfortable moving on to the Advanced Level.

The contest entry fee is $25.00 for the first entry and $15 for each additional doll entered. 
The entry fees go to help cover all contest related costs including the cost of awards and shipping. And advertising costs.  All winning dolls will be posted on the Guild’s website both on the awards page and in the banners on the home page, published in International Dolls Magazine, and featured in our annual Youtube Gold Awards video.

Note: International Artist in reference to Shipping. Winning International Artists may be asked to pay an additional $10 to $20 for shipping cost depending on destination.

* Winning artists who would like to purchase the Magazine can save on shipping as we can combine the shipping on both the magazine and your award by shipping them in the same box.

* The Guild reserves the right to use the pictures and related artist information of all dolls entered for advertising for the benefit of the Guilds members. This is covered in the Artist release that comes with your membership applications and awards application.


Entries will be accepted through midnight March 31, 2018 (USA Eastern Standard Time)
• Submit your payment through PayPal by clicking the payment button at the bottom of this page. Payment must be made before submitting entry.

• Fill out the Entry form which will be emailed to you once your payment has been received.

• Submit five pictures of each entry to guildchallenge@gmail.com . Submit one full picture of the doll (front view), one close up of the face, detail shot of hands, side or 3/4 view of doll and one work in progress picture if available. Please contact Linda Ehrenfried or Vanesa Lee. If you are submitting photos of a doll that is already sold and no WIP is available, please include that in the description if they are not available and we will evaluate on a case by case basis. Pictures must be clear/focused with good lighting. They must be at least 300 dpi. (for the winning entries to be published the photos must be good quality)
Please DO NOT add your name or any text to the photo. Each doll must be entered separately.

Please state a full but brief description of the doll including the name of your doll, size of doll, material used and any other pertinent information.
• The judges will be scoring 1 to 10 in each category, with 10 being the highest score.  The following are the areas that will be reviewed by the judges: Overall Craftsmanship, Head/Facial Anatomy, Overall Anatomy/Proportion, Clothing/Accessories, Painting Craftsmanship, Originality/Gesture/ Movement, Marketability/Emotional Appeal, Wigging/ Hairstyle, Mastering of Technique
• Winners will be announced live at the Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention in Philadelphia PA, April 12-14, 2018, and will be announced via YouTube on April 21st.
• Winners not at the show will have their awards shipped to them. If you have any questions, please contact: guildchallenge@gmail.com or Vanessa McCall Lee ( AKA: Vee) via Facebook instant message.  This contest is sponsored by PDMAG and IDA magazine.


This is a mock up of the new Award the actual award may vary 

Shown actual size


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The Professional Doll Makers Art Guild (PDMAG) Gold Awards is an annual competition that recognizes and encourages our members to excel in the design and creation of Art Dolls. It is the Guild’s biggest and most prestigious award based on the high-quality standards for excellence in doll making set forth by our founder Jack Johnston. Photos of all the entries are reviewed by our panel of master artist Judges, who evaluate each submission on overall emotional appeal, excellence in concept, quality of material and workmanship, head/facial anatomy, overall anatomy and overall mastery of technique. This is an opportunity for our members to showcase their talent by entering the contest. This contest has not Theme but there are categories for professional and Advanced levels only that we use for judging purposes.