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Rachel Deborah


Hi everyone. My name is

Rachel and I live in

Colchester Essex England.

My background starts

making made to measure

wedding dresses,

bridesmaids and ball

gowns which I did up until

I was pregnant with my first

son. Whilst waiting for

the big day, I

discovered a

book by

Maureen Carlson in my local art shop. She

made fantastic whimsical figures. I bought

some clay and had a go. Then with the delights

of the internet I discovered the world of art dolls

and all the absolutely amazing artists who made

them. I was hooked. With very little time to play

with clay and a young family, I've only been making

art dolls for a few years and love it. I still have a

long way to go and a whole lot still to learn,

but I'm enjoying the journey. Thanks for visiting my page.