A tribute to my mentor, Rosa Grueso, whom I had the good fortune to have in 2015. Chance has brought us together, and yet by learning to know one another, it was obvious. It was the artist who inspired me most and made me dream the most. We have great complicity and love between us. She taught me a lot, especially about the will and love to create, I love passionately.

he Professional Doll Makers Art Guild

I was born Vanessa in 1984 in France, but I am known as Bibs Lovelypam. Bibs, is just a cute diminutive used for me by my loved ones. I'm a self-taught artist. I like to think that have it can cross my little creatures in the forest. A little fairy-like world, unhappy, if we drop enough, maybe we could see them. My creations are made with love and passion, I hope they reflect all the emotion I feel when I discover them come to life.

* International Art Doll Registry December Show, Novice, Fairy Tales

* International Art Doll Registry YEAR END AWARDS, RISING STAR!,

* International Art Doll Registry BEST IN SHOW NOVICE
*Professional Doll Makers Art Guild Book  

Fantasy/ Character

Bibs Lovelypam