Elisa Fenoglio

Elisa Fenoglio

Elisa Fenoglio


  •  Elisa Fenoglio graduated from the “Accademia Albertina”, Fine Arts University of Turin, Italy in 1997, specializing in Scenography and Costume. Her entrance into the Italian arts world was immediate and an important experience was gained in theatre, television and the cinema alongside some of the greatest directors and costume designers. After these rewarding experiences in showbiz Elisa got married and decided to dedicate herself to a job that would allow her to look after her family but also express her creativity. Over the past 8 years Elisa has dedicated herself to drawing, she especially loves making portraits in pencil. She has participated in prestigious exhibitions in Italy and Germany. At this time an important art gallery in Turin showing her personal exhibition with some portraits of Hollywood stars. She also enjoys making illustrations for children's books. Another her great loves is costumes, ancient clothing of past epochs which fit the dolls in 1:12 miniature scale. And thank to this passion she has become an Igma Artisan. For many years Eliza used commercial porcelain bodies but then decided to learn how to make not only the costumes but the dolls themselves. Now she makes OOAK sculptures which reconciles the passion she has in shaping and creating small human figures with the ability to create miniature clothes, where the choice of materials and the combination of colors are critical to the success of a good composition.


  • Winner March 2012 IADR contest "Garden Flowers Fairies"
    Winner October 2011 IADR contest "Pin Up"
    First Place in the Advanced Category for the ProSculpt Scholarship Awards contest 2011
    Winner August 2011 CDHM contest "Fairy Tales Miniature"
    Winner July 2009 contest "Miss CDHM Miniature Doll Universe Pageant"
    April 2009 IGMA ARTISAN recognition


  •   American Miniaturist, June 2012
    Dollshouse World, January 2011
    DollsHouse and Miniature scene, july 2010 (COVER)
    American Miniaturist, April 2010
    Dollhouse Miniatures, november/december 2009
    DollReader, august 2009
    Miniaturas, year 14, n°138
    Miniaturas, year 12, n°123
    DollsHouse and Miniature scene, December 2009
    Dollshouse World, november 2009
    Dollhouse Miniatures, September/October 2009
    CDHM Featured Artisan, september 2009
    DollReader, August 2008
    Miniature Collector, july 2008
    La bacchetta magic Bambole, December 2008
    La bacchetta magica Miniature, December 2008
    Dollhouse Miniatures, november 2007
    Dollhouse Miniatures, December 2007
    Dollhouse Miniatures, October 2007
    La bacchetta magica Miniature(COVER) August 2007
    La bacchetta magica Bambole (cover) August 2007



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